Steaks, Chops, Roasts, Seafood, or Hamburgers – the true taste is only released if the dish is served at just the right temperature.

Preparation based on “gut feeling” or “cutting and having a look” is a thing of the past. The new temperature sensors accurately and reliably display the required core temperature. Finely tailored to each individual dish.

Handling is simplicity itself:
Stick the SENSOR into the Steak, Chop or Roast during the normal cooking process, wait 10 seconds and then pull it out. If the indicator band on the tip of the SENSOR has changed colour then the Meat is ready to be served.

With today’s time poor consumers so dependant on convenience foods, these SENSORS enable even inexperienced hobby chefs to create perfect gourmet dishes.

Small and conveniently packed, the SENSORS are perfectly suited for use as barbecue range promotional product in the food sector, as an add-on for grill device manufacturers, or in everyday catering use at major events.

One important application is the cooking of meals on airplanes. Here the SENSOR helps the dishes to achieve exactly the required temperature in order to ensure that they are free of Pathogens.

The possibilities are almost endless. Food safety is guaranteed.

The new temperature sensors - Safety that tastes good with sales-effective product differentiation!


  • Perfect products cooked for the right taste and optimal safety
  • Specific SENSORS are available for all types of food and in a wide variety of temperatures
  • Ideal for products like meat, poultry and fish

Areas of application:

  • Airlines:
    To ensure the highest product quality and absolute food safety in flight
  • Food industry:
    As an on-pack promotion product with barbecue meat ranges for end users
  • Grill device manufacturers:
    As an innovative product add-on for the end user that gives you a point of difference
  • Catering industry:
    As a new product in the accessories range Canteen kitchens, hospitals and care homes: To find the correct cooking point of meat, poultry and fish to irradicate food bourne illness

Product range:


  • Available in all temperature ranges
  • Available in both disposable and reusable versions