The new product line Ready 2 CookTM by Vac Pac offers innovative concepts such as a venting function and automatic dousing of the roasted material. These are available in both product versions: The shrink-bag version and the non-shrinking film quality.

Products from the Ready 2 CookTM series are designed for using even deep-frozen products in the oven or microwave right away without defrosting. This saves preparation time and reduces the total time needed for cooking considerably – leading to added value from practical use and value increase of the product.

Product versions:

  • Ready 2 CookTM FINN SEAL roasting film bag film
  • Ready 2 CookTM FINN SEAL bags


  • Ready 2 CookTM products have a maximum temperature of 204 °C.
  • Suitable for direct transfer from freezer to oven/microwave, without prior defrosting.
  • With "self-venting function": pressure will build up slowly in the bag during cooking due to the resulting steam. At a specific time during cooking, the bag will automatically open in a defined location to let the steam escape. This "venting valve" is at the cross-weld in the bags of the SUPERVAC-series and at the longitudinal seam in the FINN sealed-edge pouches.
    Venting depends on the pressure inside the bag and the time over which the pressure is built. The roasted food will brown and roast in the bag while cooking.
  • "Automatic dousing " – continuous evaporation and condensation of the cooking liquid prevent the roast from drying out and ensure tender roasted meat as a result. Preparation takes place without addition of extra liquid, which considerably intensifies the flavour.
  • Cooking in the bag saves up to 30 % of the preparation time (depending on the product used and its initial cooking status).
  • Several versions and sizes are available, from small bags for individual portions to bags and roasting tubes for entire turkeys.
  • A shrink roast film is available as well. Packed in shrink film, bone-less meat pieces can be shaped for an attractive appearance.
  • No contamination, no cleaning – increases consumer-friendliness, since grease splashes are avoided and the trays or oven do not need to be cleaned.
  • The film is highly transparent and ensures a perfect appearance – i.e. excellent product presentation to the customer.
  • The consumer has no contact with the products, which reduces the danger of cross-contamination.
  • Our polyester films meet the specifications according to the US FDA regulation no. 21 CRF 177.1630.


  • 75µ, non-shrinking polyester film.


  • Suitable for vacuuming.
  • Steam escapes at the top during cooking.
  • Temperature recommendation for conventional ovens: 177 – 191 °C.
  • Temperature recommendation for convection ovens: 149 – 163 °C.


  • Metal/plastic clip. Note: When metal clips are used, the product must not be prepared in the microwave.