Product line T-Tyer


This year, a new range of string tying machines dedicated to the meat industry was presented. The new product line includes a machine for fresh meat and poultry and a machine for injected and tumbled “wet” meat.

Some of the outstanding features are high performance, low maintenance, hygienic design, longevity. Technical highlights of these machines include wear-free servo drives, contact-free switching and the option of choosing between different tying modes.

Technology T-Tyer:
Type F
with flat table, bottom mounted knotting unit
Type S
with side mounted knotting unit, for injected and tumbled meat

  • Multiple tying modes: single, double and cross tie
  • Performance:
    60 single ties/min
    40 double ties/min.
  • Works with elasticated string as well as with rigid Cotton and Rayon twine
  • Machine body and knotting unit in stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Servo drives for knotting unit and twine ring
  • Built according to latest safety and hygiene requirements:
    Control cabinet: Rittal Hygienic Design, IP69
    Electrics and controls: Schneider Electric
    Safety: Preventa safety system with encoded magnetic sensor
  • Connected load: 230V AC, 50/60Hz, 2kW
  • Machine dimensions: 1571 x 980 x 560 mm
  • Machine weight: 230kg